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Frame facade scaffolds
These scaffolds have a vertical supporting structure, which consists of prefabricated flat frames. Rigid frame construction has important utility advantages, and ensures quick assembly and disassembly. Rails and ties are easily assembled without tools, using backstop bolts welded to the frame of the scaffold. Frame scaffolds are the best solution for constructions that require significant changes in the width of platforms, which is obtained with the use of brackets.

Mobile scaffolds
These are tower scaffolds used for masonry, plastering, painting, assembly, welding, installation and glass works. They can be used outdoor and indoor. What is characteristic of this type of scaffolding is the simplicity of its design as well as easy and quick installation. The elements are connected without screws, using tenon joints (tenon - sleeve - or socker).

Modular scaffolds
These are scaffolds in which bolts and ties are connected with stands in nodal points, spaced at a regular distance. The assembly of modular scaffolds is time-consuming. Modular scaffolds are necessary when independent scaffolds are used. They make it possible to reach complex facility surfaces and can be used, for example, as scaffolds for construction, maintenance, and repair works of industrial equipment with a bunch of cables.